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Meridian is created by drawing inspiration from various gothic, horror and mystery elements referencing from popular fiction – novels and movies alike to create simple and living setting for a D&D campaign of personal use.

Meridian uses the d20 System and is built for Dungeons & Dragons, 3.5 Edition rules.

The Tone of Meridian

Meridian is a place of darkness and evil ruled by mysterious entities – the darklords. Though their existence is unknown to most, their presence can still be felt in the land that covers before their shadow. The land holds many secrets, even more holds the night which is domain of all the foul things that lurk and creep in the mists and shadows and prey upon innocent souls. Humans are fearful and fragile things which are better kept in the dark and such is their take of all the mysterious and weird things which are dismissed as simple folk tales or blabbering of a madman. But shadows know better… they are real.

Note: Banner is done by Steve Argyle.

Home Page

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