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It is not known when or how the life had come into being, even less about the origin of the world. But humans, curious lot as they are, have their own theories about creation – some believe the land and its people have always been here as there is no evidence to point otherwise. Some say everything emerged from the mists surrounding the land. Others tell the land is part of a bigger world but is cursed for some forgotten misdeed, and hence the mists that confine it. Holy men say some higher entity conjured the land and gave birth to its people.

These beliefs are part of the folklore and whether they’re born from the campfire stories when the mugs are devoid of Slivovica or if they’re catalogued in some ancient tome the wizards seek through, it matters not to them for the world they live in is dark and sinister and heavy to bear, and any means to bypass its horrors and ease oneself of despair is welcomed with outstretched arms.

Game Rules

  1. Character Creation
    1. Races
    2. Classes
    3. Outcast Rating
    4. Skills and Feats
    5. Traits and Flaws
  2. Spellcasting
  3. Magic Items
  4. House Rules

World Information

  1. Geography
    1. Places
    2. Languages
  2. Cosmology
  3. Faiths
  4. Alignment
  5. Death

Children of the Night


Main Page

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