You have no permanent home and you wander Meridian with your family never staying too long in a single place. Living such turbulent life you’ve been introduced with different customs and gained deeper insight to the ways of the world. You live secretive life, isolated from society and shrouded by a veil of mystery. Because of your xenophobic behavior others keep their guard around you and find you distrustful.

Folklore: You are considered to be not of this world because of your strange customs and supposed legendary abilities.

Wanderer Racial Traits

  • +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Your travels allowed you to better understand the world around you but lack of people’s trust and appeal makes you an outsider.
  • Medium: As Medium human, you have no special bonuses or penalties due to your size.
  • Your base land speed is 30 feet.
  • +2 racial bonus on Survival skill checks. You’ve learned to take what food you can from the land itself in order to survive.
  • Tribal Heritage: A Wanderer character must select a tribe at the time of creation and announce its ancestry. Tribe affiliation determines certain benefits and favored class.
  • Tribes:
    1. Canjar: +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft skill checks. This bonus rises to +4 when trying to learn new spells. Favored Class: Wizard.
    2. Corvara: +2 racial bonus on Open Lock and Sense Motive skill checks. Favored Class: Rogue.
    3. Equaar: +2 racial bonus on Handle Animal and Ride skill checks. Favored Class: Ranger.
    4. Koppa: +2 racial bonus to Craft (Weapon) and Craft (Armor) skill checks. Favored Class: Fighter.
    5. Naiat: +2 racial bonus on Perform and Bluff skill checks. Favored Class: Bard.
    6. Vatraska: +2 racial bonus on Heal and Profession (Herbalism) skill checks. Favored Class: Cleric.
    7. Zarovan: racial bonus of 1d10 – 1d4 to initiative. Favored Class: Sorcerer.

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